23 April 2009


Not the movie, but those little buggers in the back of your mind that creep up when you start to realize just how capable & talented you are at something. They are the voices that whisper to you just loud enough for you to hear "are you sure? do you really think so?" Just enough to make you stop & entertain their silly musings. Because that's all they are. Just silliness.

18 April 2009

Ah yes, there it is!

Spring ! It seems to officially be here. The sun is shining beautifully and there's a slight breeze. The warm air feels so good. No coat! It's been fabulous today, indeed.

I have so much to say, but time is not something that I seem to have a lot of lately. I've launched a photography business so most of my free time has been devoted to getting that going.

It feels really good to be doing. I could easily have crawled into a hole and locked myself away with all the sad things that have happened so far this year. But something (or someone perhaps?) is pushing me to keep moving. Forcing me to go above & beyond. I am truly amazed at how much strength I seem to have. Though certainly it doesn't mean that the pain is gone. It is still there, and very fresh, but somehow I am able to look at the sun outside & feel it's warmth on my skin & thank God.

02 April 2009


I'm quite ready for some warmer weather, and some blooming flowers, sprouting trees, and daily walks in the fresh air. This winter has seemed to be the longest one I've ever experienced and I'm far from ready for it to be over.

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