17 December 2015


From the moment I began to think about my guiding word for 2016, I knew exactly where I would end up.  I still went through the process Susannah provides each year, knowing that there is always the possibility another word might speak to me more.  Besides, I love digging, analyzing and ensuring that I'm going from my soul.  
2015 began with the word "Thrive" but quickly turned into "Presence".  That word was perfect for the year as I worked very deeply with being where ever I happened to be at any given moment.  It forced me to notice both inside and outside of myself.  It brought me a sense of calm.

But as the last quarter of the year has come, I felt the unsettledness that I always begin to feel as autumn peels away the layers grown throughout the year to expose its depths.  Still keeping my presence, I truly saw my own naked branches for the first time.  My truths and my fears are uncovered and before winter even has a chance to settle in (with the ridiculously unseasonably warm temperatures we are experiencing) I am already waking up from hibernation.  I have been asleep for a long time and am ready for the forward motion that I wasn't quite ready for last year when I chose "Thrive".

2016 is time for "Movement".  In all areas of my life.  Decluttering my physical surroundings, actually working on the renovation projects that are numerous enough to have a notebook of their own and creating a sacred home, continuing to build my etsy shop into what I've been envisioning, and most of all moving my body, because I miss how I felt inside when I was an active young girl. I'm ready to be there again. 


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