24 January 2009


I love the color blue, in each & every beautiful shade. One day, quite a few years ago, I stood in front of my closet gazing at an ocean of hues from deepest night to the lightest sky. I thought to myself that perhaps I should start trying on some other colors (other than black & white, which I also had a good portion of, and of course that was before children as I rarely wear white these days). Today, my closet still holds a pretty high percentage of blue clothing, but I've branched out & included some purples.

Every room in my house is white and I'm ready to splatter every cotton ball colored inch with refreshing tones of seafoam and lemon and romantic deep oranges & reds. I think I'll keep the blue to only one room though.

23 January 2009

"I feel like my muses are sitting outside right now, on some random and poorly furnished waiting room, listening to "on hold" music, while I scramble to rearrange the life inside. "

Reading through the "selected posts" on her blog, I stopped as soon as I came to this part. This is exactly how I feel right now. Perhaps my muses are listening to the Jeopardy theme music. And there are so many of them. Sitting. Waiting. Some hoping that I will sit down with a piece of crisp, blank paper, and start letting them dance their beautiful words. Others hoping that I'll pick up my camera and let them paint their beauty in images. They want to create. They want to be free.
And me? I'm stuck in the daily path of repetition and bland gray cubicle walls, ignoring them.

17 January 2009


It's really cold here. Perfect day to stay inside and cuddle up on the couch with the boys, some hot chocolate and a good movie.

14 January 2009


I'm a procrastinator.

And I will put things off until I can do them perfectly, exactly the way I envision them.

That really takes the enjoyment out of the creative process sometimes.

11 January 2009

Short on words

While my mind is always full and running, I'm feeling more expressive in the visual realm lately.

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