20 January 2016

Tuesday's Distraction on Wednesday

It's extremely difficult to focus on work when the boss comes in with his puppy, tells you to keep an eye on her, and walks out the door.  So then this happens. 

This little girl is quickly becoming my best friend. Even though she wants to chew my hair, and my shirt, and lick my jeans (she smells my doggie).

On another note, I was able to get out for a hike over the weekend.  It was a little on the chillier side and I noted the possibility of snow in the forecast, but I went out anyway.  Met a friend there and the trail was much busier than I expected it to be.  Found a group hanging out when we got to the top of the rocks and passed at least three more groups of hikers on our way down.  It started snowing before we started our descent, and it added such a peaceful air around us.  I'm ready to get out again, but it's looking like we'll be snowed in this weekend.  Good thing I have plenty of yarn.

12 January 2016

Tuesdays Distraction

Todays distraction is brought to you in honor of the following:

David Bowie, who I've loved and have been listening to since I was old enough to recognize truly good music.

Movement, my word of the year, combined with the first video below, so that everyone can pay respects to Mr. Bowie and dance!!!!

My dad, who would have celebrated his 69th birthday on the day David Bowie left the earth.  I like to think that where ever they are, David sang Happy Birthday to my dad :).

So, if you haven't already (because obviously social media has already covered millions of shares), or if you have and would like to again (me! me!) here's some David Bowie for your enjoyment, nostalgia, and distraction.

My favorite!

A version I remember seeing when I was very young, but have forgotten about.

6:08 I would totally have bought an audio book of David Bowie does Nursery Rhymes and played it for my kids every night!

I've heard him refer in this way to his process numerous times, the "getting through it" so he can "get on with something else" and it leads me to think deeper about the need to create.  Perhaps this is where we could find answers to many mental "illnesses".  Perhaps people "go mad" or get depressed, anxious, frustrated, etc. when they're NOT able to create and get their ideas and talents out.  It gets stuck inside and festers.  Just like with feelings and such, we need a release, and that's what art is.  I know if I'm not creating, or if I go longer periods of time without creating, I feel stuffed inside.  After I spend time writing pages upon pages, those moments where I throw up in half a notebook, I feel so much better.  I think this needs contemplated upon further....at another time :)
To be an artist.


05 January 2016

Tuesdays Distraction

I'm going to go through some creative experimentation this month and work on finding some routines that work for me.  For example, Tuesdays Distraction may turn into an every Tuesday list of things that I find which make me feel good and spark encouragement to create and move.  On the other hand, I might decide that I want to call it something else and do it on another day of the week.  Or maybe I'll do it today and then not ever want to do it again. We shall see. The point is, with my word for 2016 being "Movement" I'm just going with it when it hits me.  Rather than sitting and thinking on things, wondering if it's precisely the way I want to do it and then never really following through. Yay for movement!  For now, please enjoy the things that have been distracting me, but in a good way.

The photo above is a pair of jeans I'm mending using a Japanese hand mending method. I can see this being my new obsession (because I do occasionally need a break from knitting and I have tons of vintage fabrics to put to use).  I could peruse pinterest searches for sashiko and boro all day and into the wee hours of a week later. Because it's just that beautiful to me.  The art of creating something that continues to be useful (and even more gorgeous!) out of that which the majority of America would just throw away (hello there disposable society! That's you!), well, it just reaches down into the depths of my being and gives me reason to hope for a non-disposable future! I also found Rebecca's lovely website, which I am pretty sure I'll be spending some time perusing in between tax preparation (yes it's that time of year again!)

Oh, and if that isn't enough beautiful fabric love for you? Check out shiborigirl! Breathtaking and inspiring!

Spent a bit of time watching how people knit last evening.  This is brilliant and made me want to learn some other methods of knitting, even if I remain comfortable with my current way.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled tax form preparations.

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