29 July 2009


Tonight I had dinner with an old childhood friend. I think we're actually related somewhere back to our great grandparents. It was really nice, and it feels good to find little pieces of happiness amongst the very unhappy things that have seemed to be taking up too much space in 2009.

It always amazes me how people grow up & lose touch, and all the reasons why. Most of the time there really aren't reasons other than space, time, and just a lack of ability to keep in touch with everyone we meet. People get involved in things, they get busy, they have families, work too hard, and the list goes on and on. It seems, though, that no matter how much time & space has gone by, those connections seem to continue on.

It's refreshing.

13 July 2009


Annoying is when you sit down and write something perfect, and then you mistakenly end up erasing it and can't get it back. Then you realize that it took all the energy you had to write that, and you're now starting to get a headache and you also see that the battery on your laptop is running down and you don't have the energy to plug it in.

And your head is really starting to hurt. So, instead of trying to find the words again, you shut down your computer and take a nap. A much much needed nap.

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