09 December 2008

A little creative bug

I'm an artist at heart. While photography and writing seems to top the list, I'm constantly looking at things wondering what I can do with them. I hate throwing things away (even if I'm recycling them) and am always looking for a way to reuse things. I recently became a tiny bit obsessed with old jars, bleeding art tissue and glitter. And acrylics. I've always loved making beaded jewelry and would love to experiment with fine metals too.

And now it seems I have a strong desire to learn how to knit. I've always toyed with the idea of making my own clothing, and even though I'm fairly skilled at sewing the holes in my socks I'm not too sure how well I would do with a sewing machine, or knitting needles for that matter. But something about the colors, the feel of the yarn, the repetitiveness of the act of knitting and the satisfaction of wearing something I've made myself; it's all very appealing to me.

I think all of this pretty much screams at me that I need to be creating, on a regular basis. Not just "when I have time", but all the time. I started this blog to force myself to write. I need to force myself to do a lot of other things, including getting a studio set up sooner rather than later.

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