09 March 2016

Honor Your Mother!

In honor of Womens' History Month, let me begin by honoring the first woman I have looked up to. The first woman to hold me, to care for me, to bear the responsibility of being everything that I would and will need, all wrapped up in one person.  Because even though everyone in my family would play a crucial role in raising me, and to this day each of them (here and gone) continues to guide me in one way or another, it is and always will be a childs' mother who can fill a place that no other can.

My beautiful mother is and always was my best friend.  I've given her every grey hair on her head and she's never wavered in her support.  Even when she disagrees with me, she supports me.  I was a really good baby but a rather challenging teenager, and while I am becoming calmer in my years, I still am quite stubborn, and she continues to be there.  

My mother has always been my biggest and most encouraging fan/support when it comes to writing, yet I'm at a loss for finding the words to accurately say what I want to.  

Thank you, mom :) I love you.

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