03 March 2009


I started this blog with the hopes that I would write more. And I didn't hold any specific expecations as to how often I would write. Of course daily would be grand, but I didn't pressure myself. I wanted to create a beautiful world of words that would inspire, words that would motivate, words that would pull me out of my funk & see beauty in each of them. It was working for a while, but at the moment, I'm lacking in beautiful words. I want nothing more than to go back in time; to find that rewind button & go back & know what to do to make things different.

I can't do that, but I really want to.

Now, I'm filled with endless & unanswerable questions that have taken up residence in my every thought. I know it's a process, but it's a painful process and there's no way to tell when the ache in my heart will minimize.

It probably is a good idea to write through this though. Life isn't always beautiful & perfect or filled with happy rainbow colored butterflies floating around every thought. There is a lot of ugliness too, and that ugliness is a part of life that, unfortunately, can't be ignored. Emotions are emotions, and they're real, regardless of their pretiness, or lack of.

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Do what you can, as you can sweetie. One day at a time. You will find that inner peace and beauty again. But right now you need time to feel those emotions and to heal. You're in my thoughts and prayers. All my love sweetie!!


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