26 June 2009


I rarely, if ever, paint my fingernails, but I'm not really happy in the summertime unless my toes are painted too.
It's tough to find environmentally (and people) friendly nail polish.
I love fresh flowers in a beautiful vase.
I love how yoga makes me feel, but I only end up doing it on average about once a month.
I have a large collection of poetry that I have written over the years. Maybe someday I'll do something with it.
I love writing utensils, mostly pens. And paper, and notebooks, and I love writing by hand.
I also love books. Especially used books, old books, books that have been touched, enjoyed and show just how much. Something about the texture of a worn hardcover book in my hands.
I thought about numbering this list, but decided not to.
I could still change my mind and add numbers, or bullet points.
I have a hard time making decisions.
I'm a Libra, in many many ways.
I am always very quick to point out grammatical or punctuation errors or typos in other's writing, but a lot of times, I will send emails using all lowercase and make up my own words........and do that thing with the dots.......like this.
I swore I would never ever own a pair of crocs, but I do, and I love them, and I would wear them every day if I could.
When I was pregnant I ate Moose Tracks ice cream every day. Sometimes more than once.

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