19 August 2009


That's me. Yep. And I'd be happy to give you a few examples.

1. Last summer I was adamant about not buying a mower that needed fuel to run. Certainly a riding mower would have been quite efficient for my yard, but it wasn't all that big and I figured I could use a push mower and get a bit of a workout and allow my kids to play outside. But then I figured, well, I'd have to push a push mower, so why not go with one of those old-school reel mowers!!!! They're environmentally friendly, and I'd get a great work out and the whole kids playing outside thing :) Yeah! Ha! I did the whole backyard in about 2 or so hours the first time, and it wasn't all that bad, but it was also completely fenced in. The front yard was not fenced in and I would only get one or two laps end to end completed before I had to go redirect someone to "stay in the driveway, please". And though the front yard is slightly smaller, it seemed to take longer.

So, long story short.....the novelty wore off. When it was hot it was MISERABLE, when it rained I'd be out there every other day it seemed. But I've already mentioned the stubborn thing, right? Needless to say, I still have the reel mower, but I now have about 6 acres that require regular mowing, so I believe I'm going to give in on this one. (I have to point out that I've been lucky enough to have a really rockin retired Uncle who has thoroughly enjoyed mowing my yard this summer. I can not begin to express my gratitude).

2. My mother and I both decided, late in the spring, that we were going to attempt to survive the entire summer without putting in the window a/c units in either of our homes. It worked out quite well as the summer actually started out fairly wet with even temperatures.

It's gotten really hot. The past two weeks have seen me changing clothes sometimes more than merely once a day and taking a quick shower just to rinse off. I am being totally stubborn now. It's August 19th. It's not going to last much longer. Surely I can survive another week, no? Considering the fact that I survived the last few weeks of my (albeit short) twin pregnancy in a house with no air conditioner, 50 extra pounds and two growing bodies inside me, I most certainly can survive another week or two of hot weather.

And here's where I get even more stubborn. Someone had offered to re-open the pool at my parents house about a month ago. I just never made it a priority and figured that there wouldn't be much time left in the summer and I was planning to wait til next summer. I wasn't really being stubborn, but I really really wish, now, that I had made it more of a priority. That pool would be so very nice right now.

I could probably add another couple dozen (or more) items to this list, cause I am really stubborn. But I think I've proven my point :)

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