05 November 2009

Motivation of a procrastinating perfectionist

A few friends of mine recently created a "101 things in 1001 days" list. I haven't done much research into this, but apparently it's something that many people are doing. I decided to start a list, and make it in conjunction with my "bucket list". I have had my bucket list in my head for at least a year now, but never have put it onto paper. Many reasons why, of course. I'm busy of course, overwhelmed with a house that needs remodeled on pretty much every level, spending quality time with my chldren on a daily basis, a full time job, a part time business, and THAT list can go on and on and on forever, with excuse after excuse of why I just haven't been able to make the time (keywords here...make. the. time) to do something that really wouldn't take very long. And it would be rewarding. Making a list, having the list completed, watching myself do the very fun and wonderfully fullfilling things on that list and crossing them off. Rewarding indeed.

Let's go to reason number two of why the list isn't completed. How do I just pick 101 things? I guess I could make the bucket list, and then look at the things that seem "do-able" in 1001 days and throw those on the 101 list, but what if there are more things? Can I actually have more than 101 things? And should I really be putting house renovation-type things on this 101 list? Are they 101-worthy? Isn't that just necessary stuff that needs done? Shouldn't this 101 list (and the bucket list of course) be full of things that will make me happy, things that I WANT to do and experience? So, here you have the "perfectionist" jumping out & then #3...I procrastinate on it and set it aside because I haven't figured out the perfect way to do it, so I just don't do it. Just keep it in my head until I figure out the perfect way to do it. Insane, really. Utterly insane.

So, while I have a room to paint this weekend, and a futon to set up and a three piece sectional to move up a flight of very narrow stairs. I'm going to finish both my bucket list and my 101 list this weekend and set my 1001 days to start on Monday. And come Monday, I'll be able to cross off "paint the living room" from the 101 list :) because these are two things that I'm no longer going to procrastinate on. And maybe I'll add "stop procrastinating" and "stop trying to be perfect" to that list too (even if they end up being #102 & 103).

Now, with this new motivation in hand, I wonder if I could read the first Twilight series book this weekend too, and perhaps finish editing the photos from the wedding I shot at the beginning of October. Or would that be a bit much?

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