17 November 2009

Still procrastinating

I guess I'm not really procrastinating that much. I did paint the living room. One coat of primer and two coats of a beautiful eggshell/creamy white colored paint. It looks fabulous and really brightens the room. The futon is set up and a lovely addition. Most of the couch is still there, but I did remove the middle piece so it's just basically the size of a regular couch now. There is still a lot more room than previously, so progress has been made.

However, the day after, basking in the newness of the room, the flu bug hit. The rest of the week was spent watching one after another of us come down with it. Everyone weathered that storm well and we're all back to normal, but it did lend another excuse as to why I never even started to read Twilight, still have wedding pictures to finish in addition to those two pesky lists.

This week. For real. No more procrastinating.

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