03 December 2009

December Views -

Joining in the fun http://www.hippyurbangirl.com/december-views. Look for a photo later tonight!

In other news: I finished my 101 things in 1001 days list :) But I haven't read Twilight yet. I think part of my hesitation to start the book (other than being extremely busy lately) is that I'm afraid I won't put it down & other necessary things won't get done....like laundry, and dishes. It seems that everyone I know who has read this book finishes it in two or three days or less even. Maybe I'll tackle it this weekend. Along with Project: Clean-Porch, and Project: Plan-Kitchen-Remodel, and of course Project: Laundry-Dishes-Floors-Dusting-DeCluttering.

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daisies said...

i think it was not last december but the one before when i picked up twilight and the very next day had to run out and get the other two and yes i lost at least three days to reading :-) was a lovely procrastination, tee hee

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