13 January 2010

What brings me simple joy?

A recent post by Dancing Mermaid http://dancingmermaid.com/blog/2010/01/12/what-brings-you-simple-joy/ begs me to post today. To answer her question, "What small things bring you so much joy?" I'll make a list :)

1. watching the sun rise during my morning commute
2. when my boys walk up to me out of nowhere, throw their arms around me and say "I Love You, Mommy!"
3. a warm bowl of Amy's Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque
4. having great friends at work to help me escape when it gets stressful
5. meeting with a potential wedding client who tells me that she really wanted to meet with me because she likes my style.
6. standing outside my house at night in the complete quiet looking up at the stars.
7. fresh flowers
8. an empty laundry basket (which doesn't happen often)
9. an empty sink (which happens even less often than the laundry)
10. the color blue
11. listening to Hank Williams Sr. and remembering my dad playing his guitar and how he used to sing along.
12. Seeing my mom still able to smile and laugh after all the sadness of 2009.
13. watching flowers bloom in the spring.
14. discovering a new and really really good flavor of tea
15. the fact that I'm able to even make this list after 2009.

Thanks McCabe, for your creative assignments :)

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