05 May 2010

random thoughts

I'm very inconsistent, yet I'm a creature of habit and thrive on routine.

I love being spontaneous but again, with the routine.

I love the smell of fresh lilacs and think they bloom for a much too short period of time.

I've love to mow the lawn, even though I have to use a riding mower due to having nearly 8 acres of lawn to mow and it really makes me cringe to think of the addition to my carbon footprint....especially when added to the fact that I drive an SUV, but it's a 12 year old SUV and I justify it not only by the fact that I need 4wd, but that it's also 12 years old and I plan on not sending it to the scrapyard til it's absolutely on it's last leg. I digress, back to the mowing......I find it relaxing and it's one task in my life that actually can be finished, if only for a couple days til it needs done again.

I usually don't care about capitalizing the first letter in a sentence, yet I'm a bit crazy about being grammatically correct and can't stand to misspell words or use improper punctuation.

I have had some really unimaginable things happen in my life yet I've found my ability to smile again and can still find beauty in the world around me.

I love to write and have so much to say, but as is noted to anyone who actually reads this blog, I don't often make the time to write as I'd like to.

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