24 September 2010


I’m a walking contradiction.
I want to be alone – yet I want to connect.
I want to be perfect – yet I know there is no such thing.
I know myself so well – yet I have no clue who I really am.
I am insanely happy – yet there are so many things I want to change.
I want to run away – yet I want to keep my feet planted firmly here where the roots have been growing my whole life.
I’m stronger than I ever felt possible – yet I’m completely sensitive and delicate.
I know what my gut tells me is usually true – yet I continue to make myself vulnerable.

I think so deeply
I feel things much further than the depths of my core
It’s hard to be such an emotional person
And still guard my soul
It’s a challenge to see people for who they really are
When you constantly question their intentions

I believe that our perceptions are typically based upon half-truths. People only allow you to see what they feel comfortable letting out. When you only have half of a picture it’s difficult to judge a situation fairly. Yet we continue to keep ourselves closed off from opportunities to connect. The baggage holds us down. It guards our tender hearts and keeps us from the whole truth and clouds our perceptions. When you only have half a picture your mind is left to make up the rest of the picture.....often leaving us to base those assumptions of what we don't know on our own insecurities.

Imagine how different our connections would be if we were all real. Genuine. In every sense.

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