04 November 2010

three days ago i picked up my great grandfather's guitar and decided to teach myself to play it. so far i've learned three chords; the d chord, the a chord and the e chord and tonight i started working on switching between them. last night i got the d and a chords down pretty good and i started to switch for a bit and my fingers were really hurting by that time. so I stopped for the night.

about an hour ago I picked it up & my fingers found the d chord with suprising ease. and with the first strum it felt like I kind of knew what i was doing. I strummed a few times and there was no icky sounds, and it just felt so natural. So I switched back & forth between d & a for a while and then went to the e chord. this one seemed like the easiest to learn so far. and while my fingers did start to hurt a bit, it eventually got to the point that i wasn't even noticing it. like they were either numb or i was just a bit excited about actually playing.

it's amazing what it feels like to play. to hear the melody coming from me, the motion of my hand, the movement of my fingers across the strings, the feel of the neck in my hand as I flow from one chord to the next and back to the previous. it's relaxing, refreshing, and i almost feel like i'm sitting with an old friend.

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darlene said...

yes! i know this feeling and it feels so wonderful xox

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