10 December 2010

December Views - first and not last!

I participated in www.hippyurbangirl.com/december-views/ last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the past, I had felt very dry in my photographic mojo during the cold, seemingly colorless winter months and often my camera would sit for weeks as I anticipated the beautiful blossoms of spring to bring me back to my passion. But in the past couple years I’ve found that winter holds just as much beauty as all the more colorful, bright and fragrant months of spring, summer and fall. The skies are just as blue in the winter and the contrast of the snow against it brings my creative side out. What I most enjoy now, as the weather tries to push us inside with it’s icy chill, are the trees. They appear to be devoid of life, but the way their limbs twist and spread out against the deep blue sky is just as beautiful to me as any blossoming flower. Every branch seems to have grown in perfect symmetry with each other and they take their perfect shapes.

I’ve looked forward to December Views this year also, but have been so busy editing photo sessions from the fall that I haven’t had time to pick up my camera. So this morning, on my way in, I snapped the above photo with my phone as I crossed the river. Most of my commute is spent in traffic as I head into the city, and although I’d rather be at home in my rural surroundings, I’m always in awe watching the sun rise over the waters of the Susquehanna. The colors of a winter’s sunrise will never cease to captivate me.

This weekend, my children and I will be setting up their bedroom as the remodeling is finally finished (well, mostly finished except for a bit of painting). And most importantly, we will be getting our tree. So expect my postings to increase this weekend as I make up for the past 9 days that I’ve missed out on this project.

And please! Go visit www.hippyurbangirl.com ! I've been enjoying her blog for quite a while and always look forward to this time of year and the many other blogs I end up finding through those who participate in this! Many thanks to her for including me in this fabulous project!

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