12 December 2010

More December Views!

Yesterday, we took our traditional trip to the tree farm to pick out our tree. This is something that I enjoy doing every year. I go back and forth in my feelings to how eco-friendly this is, but have pretty much settled on this being the best option for us. First, it's a tree farm, so they get cut down and are grown on a specific tract of land that is used only for this purpose. Second, artificial trees are made of who knows what and use resources that we don't need to use for this purpose. Third, I'm supporting a local business.

Besides all of those reasons, my children thoroughly enjoy it. As do I. From driving back to the farm, walking through the many rows of trees with their distinct smells, cutting it down (which, the boys did all on their own this year!), dragging it out to the vehicle, setting it up at home and decorating it....it's all just very heartwarming to me and something that I plan to continue doing.

This year, we listened to the Nutcracker while decorating :) We all picked each ornament out, carefully choosing it's perfect location, while singing and dancing around.
One of many handmade ornaments hanging on my tree, this angel was a gift from a co-worker about 8 years ago.
This ornament was a gift from a very close family friend, given to me last year, as it was the first Christmas we spent without my grandmother and my father.
Another handmade ornament :) I love these! We couldn't find a perfect spot for this one so we hung it on the wall behind the tree.
I'm thankful that we chose yesterday to get our tree. It was one of the warmest days we've had in the past couple weeks, with the sun peeking out of the clouds. Today it's raining and not at all good weather to spend any amount of time outside.

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