28 September 2011

where have i been?

it's been over six months since i've updated this poor, lonely blog, yet i've had it in my thoughts most of the time. i love to write. i love to put words to life. i have an increasing need to get my shit out in one way or another, but life doesn't always allow me the opportunity.

either way, i could go on and on about how busy i am right now, how busy i have been the past few months, the past many months, but it all boils down to the fact that i've come to many a conclusions where my life is concerned

i'm tired of my day job.
i'm tired of my commute.
i have no desire to sit behind a desk anymore.
i don't want to be a part of something that brings me misery anymore.
i want to do what brings me happiness.
i want to show my children that they can find happiness within themselves and move in life in a way that they choose.
i want them to see me do what brings me fulfillment.
i want them to know that whatever they want to do they can achieve.
i want to do what I want to do....and show my children that they can follow their dreams too.

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