23 October 2011


they come in many shapes and sizes. the little voice that you can barely hear sometimes, but you know it's there, and it still packs quite a punch. nagging at you, whispering ever so softly all manner of things to try to sabotage all the positivity that you're holding onto. sometimes they're bold and flamboyant, pulling out all the stops to attempt to be the primary influence in your thinking and decision making. they want to hold you down.

however, gremlins are just fears. that's all. they're a part of you, just like the sunlit, cheerful and encouraging thoughts, gremlins have their place too. and truth be told, they aren't your enemy. they are actually the perfect motivation to push you to accomplish your goals. take them to heart, listen to them, acknowledge them, and then tell them, politely, to go pound sand :) because you know, deep down inside, that while there are all sorts of notions that can come to light, there is only one way to go in life. forward.

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