01 August 2012

August Break - Day 1

I've been reading Susannah's blog for quite some time.  And last year I wanted to participate in this, but I was in the process of many things, and while I still am, there is no better time than now to jump in.  Especially since I just finished her book!  And as someone who has suffered through the grief of an unexpected and terrible loss of someone I loved, her words really hit home to me.  I could continue to write a million other words, but, since there are no rules to the August Break, I'm going to just stop right now and save some of it for later.  Tomorrow perhaps, I'll write more.  Perhaps not.  Either way, the only rule I'm holding myself to is that I post something every day, because I like having this blog, and I don't give it near the attention that I would like to.  And I would love to change that, in addition to changing the look of this blog.

Bonus points for anyone who can see the ladybug in the photo!  And more bonus points just for reading this post!

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Jane Cardie said...

Hello, I see it on your thumb! I look forward to visiting your blog for more of your photos and words : )

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