04 August 2012

Instant Loveliness - August Break

My boys turned 8 last month.  One wanted a Polaroid Camera for his birthday, and unfortunately the one that I decided upon for him took over three weeks to arrive, but it finally did arrive!!!  And this is the first shot he took with it using  Impossible PX70 Color Shade film!!!  (Actually I took a photo of the photo with my iphone....)

It's not perfect, and we still have quite a learning curve with the camera, but I couldn't be more thrilled that he's loving it as much as I am.  Better yet, I found the 600 Land Camera that belonged to my grandparents, so there will be many excursions shared in the future!

And I have a million excuses for why I didn't post the past two days, but there are no rules so if I failed to abide by any that I set at the beginning then it's quite acceptable.

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