15 January 2014

Full Moon with a a side of….

So there's a full moon tonight.  And accompanying it is a side of PMS, topped with a night filled with a handful of five-minute intervals of sleep.  Needless to say, my insides are not a bursting ray of sunshine at the moment.

Oh, and then there's the chocolate I've consumed today.  Not organic chocolate either.  And damn does it ever taste good, even if it is contributing negatively to my current internal swirling of emotions.  I can honestly feel it all.  And it is a bit of a struggle to keep from bursting at the seams today, but I'm managing to contain myself.

There are many words inside of me begging to come out.  I've recently been tested, and I've found someone inside of me that has been begging for years to come out.  A part of me that I've spent my entire life suffocating under a blanket of emotion.  Yet, when she finally came out, I was happy to let her.  She is who I am, and who I've wanted to be for so long.  And I would really like her to stick around, because she's much smarter than I've allowed myself to be.

This story will come in time, but for now I need to be still, to let it all swirl, and to wait until the calm comes before I let it out.  And the calm is coming.

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