23 November 2015

In True Libra Fashion

Someone once told me one of the things that bothered them so much about me was how much I changed.  Not that I changed from who I once was to who I turned out to be at whatever given time, but that I was never consistent in my views.  One day I was vegetarian (actually that lasted for 3 years), the next I was eating a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from a place that I always would complain about his choice to eat there.  One day I was trying to stop using paper towels, the next I had a package of them in the cupboard.  This always bothered me, because at the same time I was told how "rigid" I was in my ways, and occasionally I would put those "ways" aside and try to be accommodating.  Mostly I wanted to see if my being accommodating would, in turn, make him be more accommodating to me on occasion.  It didn't. We're much, much better as friends. In fact, we're pretty good friends, and great co-parents.  But we are totally different persons.

And that's okay.

Because sometimes I'm consistent, and sometimes I'm not.  I'm pretty passionate and set in my beliefs, but I also have an open mind and am willing to listen to reason ("reason", yes, uneducated and small-minded ranting, however....NO). I have no problem changing my mind. In fact, I occasionally look for reasons to change my mind about things.

This blog, for instance.  I have never been consistent in my blogging.  I go through spurts where the time and creativity flow perfectly together.  And at one point I decided I wanted to be a little more "open" with my blogging.  But I wanted to start out fresh, so I created a new blog with a fresh, new name.  And I was consistently inconsistent with that one too!  See! I can be consistent!

Anyway, I've been coming back to this blog in my mind.  And right now I would like to plant some roots here again.  I have a strong desire to write more. Actually, that desire has always been there (more consistency!), but the time to do it doesn't always cooperate with the wanting part of it. I think it's time to make more time.

Someone also once told me (a different someone) that a persons branding should be consistent.  If I'm going to make a shop, I should have one niche for that shop, because people love consistency.  And when I was deeply involved in running my photography business it was always suggested that processing and style should be consistent.  Call me a rebel, but I don't want any part of those boxes.  I want to play in all the boxes that appeal to me, and if that means I'm inconsistent, then I guess that's who I am.

Being a year away (okay, okay, 10.5 months) from 40, I'm ready to build my own boxes, and I'll decorate them in whatever way I fancy.

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