07 May 2017

In Bloom

This time of year is one that finds me taking random walks around my property multiple times a day.  Some mornings I walk outside with my dog and stare around in amazement at how my yard can seem to have transformed overnight.  My crocus were quite early this year, putting on their show in March and closing the curtain practically before April even came.  The daffodils lasted most of April and gave way to the lilacs that produced profusely this year.

My lilacs are my most beloved as they hold many memories from my entire lifetime here on this property.  One bush in particular I spent more than 15 hours freeing from debris and dead branches, while also very carefully pruning it where it asked me to. It has been there as long as I can remember and last year it was practically suffocated by poison ivy, which I'm horribly allergic to.  But I persisted, very carefully, and it rewarded my care by providing me with a bush full of beautiful, full, magenta blooms that graced me with their presence for a couple weeks. I was very careful not to over clip as there is a reciprocity in also enjoying the blooms where they blossom and not taking more than what nature permits.  My kitchen smelled lovely for a couple weeks while a selection from four blossoming bushes graced my table.

As the lilacs have mostly dropped the curtain on their act, the play is far from over as the peonies are holding tight inside their buds in wait of their turn to take stage.  I spent some time clearing this area out this year too and it's looking to be grateful as well.  These always look and smell so amazing and are one of the plants that I usually only bring one or two blossoms inside from.  Somehow I look upon them in all their blossoming beauty and feel guilty for taking away from their show.

There is an area covered with poppies that will pop out of their fuzzy little pods and take on their orange, tissue papery brilliance most likely by the end of the week.  My children seem to love these the most.  

The last that I noticed on my walk around this evening was the All-Spice, which I wasn't really sure what it was until today, only that it smelled amazing and also required a ton of time as some pretty heavily creeping mile-a-minute tried to suffocate it last year.  It's also in the middle of its' bloom.

In a week or two I will have the Mock-Orange bushes which are right outside of my kitchen window. They make washing dishes a total joy when they're blooming.

I've been here for 8 years now and can't believe how fast this time has gone by.  Conversely, it's sometimes embarrassing that it's taken me this long to finally start caring for it like my grandmother and father did.  Granted, I have a fairly busy life, but one always has choices in what keeps them busy.  And tending to the earth will give you lessons in many things if you allow it.

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